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What is Idaho LEADS?
The Idaho Leadership Education and Development Series (LEADS) is a program designed to help students become better leaders regardless of their role in their community. Driven by the values of the Social Change Model, students have several opportunities to develop their leadership abilities and earn an Idaho Leadership Certificate. By attending workshops presented by speakers from various fields across campus and in the surrounding community, you will learn firsthand from the experiences of prominent community leaders how to make a difference in your sphere of influence.


Who can participate?
Open to all students, whether you’re just beginning to explore leadership or have extensive leadership experience, you can participate in Idaho LEADS.


What do I get out of participating?
New awareness of how to make a difference, the chance to meet new people, and a fun experience are what you get just for showing up. But LEADS is largely what you make of it, and if you want more, you can achieve a rare career skill, make lasting friendships, and gain public recognition and a resume boost with a Leadership Certificate.


What leadership skills will I develop in the program?
Take this opportunity to improve on the skills you want most.  Unlike other rigidly structured programs, LEADS allows you to focus on the areas you wish to develop in your Personal Action Plan. As you attend workshops and participate in a Service Activity and/or a Leadership Conference, you can track your progress in those areas in your Leadership Portfolio.


Will I have help along the way?
Yes! When you begin your LEADS journey, you will meet with a staff member from Leadership and Student Engagement Office who will help you plot a course. As you attend workshops, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss your experiences with presenters. And the whole ASUI and Volunteerism Offices are available to help and encourage you daily and at Service Activities and Leadership Conferences.


Can I participate if I don’t have time to complete the Idaho Leadership Certificate?
Yes! All students may participate in Idaho LEADS by attending any of the workshops offered. But if you can, there is more to gain by completing the program and earning an Idaho Leadership Certificate or Skills Certificate.


Will my participation be recognized?
Yes! Upon completion of the Idaho Leadership Certificate requirements will be recognized at the annual ASUI Student Achievement Awards, the largest and longest running student award program on campus. Plus, a certificate in leadership will enhance any resume whatever your degree.


How much will this cost?
It’s free! All workshops are free and open to University of Idaho students. 


What if I am already completing some requirements through my other activities?
All requirements for the Idaho Leadership Certificate must be completed during the time you are enrolled in Idaho LEADS (and within a maximum of four (4) consecutive semesters).  Meet with a staff member in Student Activities, Leadership & Volunteerism to discuss opportunities that qualify for the Service and Leadership Experience requirements.


Do I get academic credit for the workshops?
At this time, Idaho LEADS is not offered for academic credit.  However, if you wish to ask your advisor about arranging credit (e.g. as a directed study), we can provide the necessary documentation of your participation in the workshops.


Who organizes the Idaho LEADS workshops?
The Student Engagement, Leadership & Volunteer Programs Office coordinate workshop materials and publicity.  Questions may be directed to Denise Carl at
dcarl@uidaho.edu or 885-1020. Student Affairs and Academic Affairs staff and interns, university faculty and community leaders facilitate the Idaho LEADS workshops.




You may call 885-1020 or email idleads@uidaho.edu at any time with questions about the program. 

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